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Mikan is an American virtuoso jazz pianist with a distinguished career. Over the years he has shared the stage with jazz greats such as Tony Scott, Clifford Jordan, Chet Baker, Ernie Wilkins, Ralph Penland, Red Holloway, Charles McPherson, Louis Hayesto mention but a few.

He has successfully performed and recorded across the US and Europe, evangelizing jazz wherever he went.

Mikan presents a broad repertoire of songs from the Great American Songbook, jazz and blues standards, classic ballads, pop, rhythm & blues, funk, Bossa Nova and Samba classics.

Apart from his notable work as a live performer, Mikan is also a score writer and a studio musician, embracing with ease and vigour a wide range of musical genres.


"Mikan and I have played together on many occasions. What I like most about him are his fire and spirit. He seems to truly have a grasp of the essence of jazz piano."

 Charles McPherso


"Mikan's musical talent and ability are something else. I love his passion and his poise. He lives and breathes jazz. A joy to be with on stage or in the recording studio."

 Jamie Shadowligh


"It's always a pleasure to watch Mikan perform. His consummate command of the keyboard allows him to express musical emotions with inventive ease."

 Chuck Perri


"Those who know jazz may hear Peterson, Tyner, and Powell in Mikan's playing. But like the influences of Titian in a Rembrandt, what we have in Mikan is a Rembrandt."

 John Paul Jones 

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